1st grade @ Bea’s

1è@Folchitorres, ESCOLA FOLCH I TORRES

From February 5th to February 15th

We clap our hands singing: “One, two, let’s play the zoo!” Each one is in charge of an animal. If I say the name of the animal you have to do a performance! And so on! We had a lot of fun with this game. Also, we learn more about animals by playing memory games and crosswords.
Aplaudimos al ritmo de: “One, two, let’s play the zoo!”. Cada uno tiene un animal, si digo tu nombre, tienes que representarlo; y así sucesivamente. Nos lo hemos pasado en grande cantando con este juego. Además, aprendemos más sobre animales con juegos de memory y crucigramas.

Beatriz Sevilla
English teacher @ Extracurricular activities